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Just a Guy with a Camera

My name is Marc Joseph. I enjoy urban exploring the beautiful environment around me that NYC provides as well as traveling to counterstrike events around the world and taking pictures of and for them.
Photography has become a hobby of mine recently and is growing into a passion. I see myself as just a guy with a camera and a good eye for taking pictures who just goes where life takes me.

Little Story

My brother, @n.suda, was the one who got me into photography by gifting me his old T3i Rebel when I was 17. I was hooked from the very beginning and with the help of @n.suda and @dekstro, I quickly learned the basics of both taking pictures and editing them.

From then on, I've been exploring NYC and finding spots to shoot that are hidden in plane sight. Going to places and seeing sights in person that only a handful of people will ever get the opportinity to go explore and see. I'm just living life and seeing where it takes me with my camera.